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Commitment to Health, Safety and Environment
We will:
  • Comply with design and operating standards
  • Immediately address Health, Safety and Environment Violations
  • Report Incidents and hazards promptly
  • Comply with personal protective equipment and good housekeeping practices
  • Willingly serve in Health, Safety and the Environment programmes
Customer Focus
We will:
  • Be accessible to the customer
  • Be sensitive to the customer’s needs
  • Effectively communicate and respond in a timely manner
  • Routinely seek feedback to improve service
We will:
  • Be thorough, accurate and timely in our work
  • Develop and continuously improve our capabilities
We will:
  • Show respect for time, people and property
  • Be honest, frank and transparent with others
  • Be fair and even handed with others
  • Operate to the highest ethical standard
We will:
  • Communicate openly and effectively with each other
  • Follow through with commitments
  • Support organizational goals and objectives
  • Be committed to the success of the company
  • Share knowledge
  • Encourage participation of others
  • Recognize and encourage performance and achievement
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